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Title: Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings (Oh, the Lazy Days We Have)

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing(s): Emily/JJ

Summary: Emily and JJ get an unexpected phone call at an inconvenient time of night.

Rating: PG

Note(s): Beware of fluff, and crack, and more fluff and crack, and a guest appearance by someone super special.

Note(s) 2: Also, it’s late and I’m tired. Any and all mistakes are mine alone since no-one else read this over but me. Good times. And can I just say that it’s high time we got some happy Emily/JJ in our lives, kind of like an ode to the pre-Will days? They were so cute back then.



When the call comes, Emily cracks open an eye and blinks at her alarm clock. From what her dazed and very bleary vision tells her, the fluorescent green lights are flashing 04:15. She wants to die.


Reaching for the buzzing phone, an only half awake Emily Prentiss contemplates snarling, ‘Whoever this is, it better be fucking good’, but thinks better of it. What if it was her mother? Better yet, what if it was Hotch? Before she can figure out what either of the authority figures in her life would say to her rude greeting, her sleepy brain receives the message that the phone feels a little weird beneath her fingertips and she pauses. It’s a little too wide. A little too big. She cracks open her other eye and thinks for a bit before she realizes. JJ’s phone.

But now there’s another mystery to occupy Emily’s slowly, but surely, awakening brain. Why in the world would Jennifer Jareau’s cell phone be sitting on her bedside table, especially at this time of night? Especially on a Saturday? She’s about to pick it up just to see if it’s the blonde liaison calling to locate her phone when she hears a small keening noise somewhere near the vicinity of her chest, accompanied by a puff of slightly aggravated breath ghosting across her clavicle.

Stopping just short of jerking ten feet into the air, Emily takes a deep calming breath before chancing a look down, eyes now fully functional in the dim grey of her bedroom. What she sees makes her sigh in relief, then surprise, then relief again as her memory comes back to her, chasing away the last remnants of sleep.

The still dozing form of one Jennifer Jareau is currently pressed into Emily’s front, arms curled possessively around her waist, legs tangled, and face trying to burrow its way into Emily’s chest in an attempt to get away from the hellbent buzzing of the cell phone. The way JJ’s features are puckered in annoyance makes Emily smile despite herself; she can’t help being reminded of a petulant five year old shying away from their mother’s insistent wake-up calls. The fact that JJ is in her late twenties and probably really needs to take this call doesn’t make her seem any less adorable in the brunette’s eyes, and Emily resents the fact that she has to take JJ out of this state by waking her up.

Giving her bedmate a small shake, Emily clears her throat and murmurs, “JJ, honey, your phone’s ringing.”

What she gets in response is a most ineloquent grunt followed by the blonde’s sleepy protest of, “No, it’s not. Hit the snooze button, I want five more minutes.”

Emily laughs. She really can’t help it. “Not the alarm clock, Jayj, your phone.” She’s still chuckling in amusement when JJ tightens her hold on her waist and emits a low growl.

“Stop it. You’re making my pillow shake.” The indignant tone of JJ’s still very sleepy voice is quite possibly the most amusing thing Emily’s ever heard, and the rumble of an impending laugh begins to travel up the brunette’s chest. JJ reflexively frowns and rubs her head back and forth where it’s buried against Emily’s front as though to ward off the imminent shaking, but all it does is set Emily off.

Now, no longer able to ignore the remarkably long-lasting buzzing about a foot from her head and having been shaken awake by Emily’s laughter, JJ blinks her eyes open to reveal an almost luminescent blue stare, complete with aggravation at having been awoken in such a manner. “Emily. What the heck. Just what do you find so funny?”

“You,” the brunette snorts, reaching up to brush loose bangs of blonde behind one of JJ’s ears, “You are so adorable when you’re sleeping. ‘Stop making my pillow shake’? You’re just too cute!”

Not used to being teased for something as uncontrollable as sleep-talk, JJ frowns, cheeks burning bright pink, “Shut up. I wasn’t exactly awake at that moment.” Resorting to the awfully childish act of pouting, the blonde liaison gives a little huff of annoyance and pretends that the way Emily’s hands are rubbing soothing circles along her back is doing nothing to assuage her ire. She’s not going to give in that easily. She’s not.

Except she really is a sucker for Emily Prentiss and her wily ways. Chin tucking a bit to her chest as the older brunette presses a soft kiss to the top of her head, JJ frowns as she finds herself relaxing, muscles uncoiling into an embarrassingly boneless mess. “Emily…” The dip of warning in her tone makes Emily smile and press another kiss, this time on the tip of her nose.

“I know, JJ, I know. But you still have to answer your phone, no matter how annoyed you are with me.”

Ever the professional one, JJ gives an incredulous snort and answers, “If it was really important, they would have called during normal calling hours. Like not when we’re sleeping. Together. On a weekend.”

She gets a rich chuckle from Emily and an obvious eye roll, “We’re FBI agents in the BAU, Jayj. Normal calling hours are when we’re sleeping together on a weekend. You of all people should know that. Remember last week?”

In deference to the memory of last week, JJ gives the wince of all winces and smacks Emily’s arm lightly. “Please don’t remind me. How could every single person that we both have ever met and given our cell numbers to have found the need to call us all at once all weekend?”

“I don’t know,” Emily laughs, “I have a sneaking suspicion they may have been put up to it by a certain pink-and-blue blonde, though.”

An amused grin spreads across JJ’s lips as she chuckles, “I wouldn’t put it past her.” By this point in time, JJ’s rolled over, one arm still tucked under Emily’s warm body while her free hand swings around blindly before getting a hold of her still ringing cell phone. “God. This person must have called at least five times in a row for it to be ringing for this long.”

“Someone must really love you,” Emily absentmindedly teases, pressing faint butterfly kisses along JJ’s jawline and ending up at the dip just behind her ear. She manages a broad smile when she hears JJ’s coy murmur of, “But how can that be? You’re not calling me from your cell right now.” before leaning over to peer at the caller ID along with her blonde lover as JJ falls inexplicably still.

“Oh my God.”

JJ nods, glancing over at Emily before looking back at her cell phone display again, “Should I even answer it? We don’t sound like we’ve been sleeping together, do we?”

“How should I know?” Emily murmurs back, frowning, “I never know when we sound like we’ve been sleeping together. And plus, we were really only sleeping this time. No funny business.”

“No funny business,” JJ agrees, but her finger still pauses above the ‘Talk’ button, “Maybe I should just ignore it and call back tomorrow morning.”

Knowing what a world of good that would do, Emily shakes her head and replies, “I really don’t think you should do that. And I would know.”

JJ snorts, “Yeah, you would.” Sighing and resigning herself to the fate of having to actually take this call, JJ schools her features into the calm mask of Special Agent Jennifer Jareau (despite the fact that the caller cannot, in fact, see her face) and resolutely presses the ‘Talk’ button.

“Hello? Ambassador Prentiss? Is everything alright?”

Emily, muffling the sound with a hand, gives an embarrassed groan at the fact that her mother would be calling her girlfriend, of all people, at four in the morning and resolves to get JJ’s cell number changed, serial killers be damned. It’s not until JJ finishes the five minute conversation with prim and proper Elizabeth Prentiss and deadpans the message to her brunette lover that Emily gets the surprise of her life.

“Your mother called to say that she’s been trying to reach you all evening and that you should learn to, and I quote, ‘turn your damned cell phone on’. And she says hello and wants to know if we’re free for dinner tomorrow night.”

Emily doesn’t know what to say to that. She has a feeling she’ll never know what to say to that. As JJ guffaws at her undoubtedly fish-faced expression, Emily sighs and buries her face in her pillow, resigned to being laughed at for the remainder of the night.

So much for teasing JJ about the whole ‘pillow shaking’ thing. Sometimes, Emily just wants to die. Really.


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