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Title: Even Fog Lifts, But Not This (No, Not This)

Fandom: Warehouse 13

Pairing(s): Myka Bering/Helena G. Wells

Summary: The consequences of saving the world are a lot more dire than originally anticipated.

Spoiler(s): S02E12 – S03E02

Note(s): Title taken from ‘No Way Back’ by 8mm.


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Medium: Movie

Fandom: Bloomington

Subject: Catherine Stark/Jacqueline Kirk

Title: will we ever make it to again?

Warnings: Femmeslash

Notes: Made for the course of the movie and for the what-if moment where Catherine and Jacqueline meet again in the future and Jackie's a successful actress while Catherine's a beautiful woman sitting at a bar.

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{4} Criminal Minds

Jennifer Jareau/Emily Prentiss (portrayed by AJ Cook and Paget Brewster)

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Title: I’m Not Strong Enough For This (Hold Me Until I Am)

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing(s): Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau/Emily Prentiss, Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau/William LaMontagne

Summary: Emily Prentiss is a lot of things, particularly: everything you’ve wanted in life.

Rating: PG

Note(s): JJ’s POV. Starts from the end and works its way back from the beginning. The inner romantic in me strikes again! Also: I’ve tried to make Will into a decent person, because before he became JJ’s canon love interest, he was a pretty good guy.

Word Count: 9,400

Warning(s): Spoilers for Seasons 2 through 4. 

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late nights and crazy dreams do fics make

Title: Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings (Oh, the Lazy Days We Have)

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing(s): Emily/JJ

Summary: Emily and JJ get an unexpected phone call at an inconvenient time of night.

Rating: PG

Note(s): Beware of fluff, and crack, and more fluff and crack, and a guest appearance by someone super special.

Note(s) 2: Also, it’s late and I’m tired. Any and all mistakes are mine alone since no-one else read this over but me. Good times. And can I just say that it’s high time we got some happy Emily/JJ in our lives, kind of like an ode to the pre-Will days? They were so cute back then.


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yayschoolisout!celebratory icon post

Yes, you read that right. Last exam done and done!!! I'm so excited. And because I can chillax all afternoon, there will be many LJ posts, I guarantee it. ;) But first, I need to go out and get lunch....


{20} Criminal Minds

[1] AJ Cook, Paget Brewster
Season 3
[1] JJ, Emily
[18] Jennifer Jareau (2 that are kinda Emily/JJ texty)

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{16} Rosamund Pike
[1] Fracture
[12] various photoshoots
[3] event candids

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drawn into this mystery...

Title: Sunsets and Heartbeats

: Criminal Minds

Pairing(s): Emily/JJ

: One moment in a night of millions. What could have happened.

Notes: Inspired by the ‘Bring on the Night’ campaign by the Jackson-Triggs winery (http://www.jacksontriggswinery.com/en/video/index.html) and the romance of snow.

AN: This is probably so OC your brain’s going to hurt, but still, I couldn’t help it. LOL. I apologize in advance. :(

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So I know I've been really MIA these past few months, and I'm super sorry. :( I just finished writing my first exam of the semester tonight (well, technically last night because it's 4 in the morning right now...) and I've 3 more to go, but oh my goodness, university life has been CRAZY. Let's just say that I've barely had time to breathe. However, I managed to make all these icons tonight, AND I've been working on fics that will hopefully be posted soon slash over the Christmas break. *crosses fingers*


{20} Criminal Minds - Season Four

[2] Emily Prentiss
[11] Jennifer Jareau
[7] Emily + JJ (+ others)

the many faces of jennifer jareau...Collapse )

{12} Rosamund Pike

[7] Fracture
[2] Doom
[1] Last Night
[1] as herself
[1] Pride and Prejudice photoshoot

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all my efforts fall like teardrops

Title: The Seconds You Took To Walk Out The Door

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: JJ/Emily, JJ/Will

Rating: M

Summary: “Pitter patter, pitter patter. The sounds of her lies, the sounds of her strides. They trample all over your heart.”

Warnings: Mentions of not-so-subtle het!sex, but it’s for the sake of the story so try to bear with me. This is also kind of all AU except for one tiny, baby sized fact. Other than that, we should all be okay.


 AN: This has actually been sitting around on my laptop for the longest time, possibly for the better part of three weeks, but I've been having issues with finishing it because a) I've recently started working and a 9-5-and-sometimes-longer work day kind of makes writing difficult for me and b) I just have issues with finishing fics in general. Anyway, I kind of forced the ending here so I could get it over with and post. Hopefully it works out. :S

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